Gifts for Your Love

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Gifts for your love is one of the five love languages.  For some people their way of showing love is to give gifts.  Others feel loved when someone gives them a gift.  It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive just a token of your love for them sometimes is all that is needed.  There are times when you’ve had a disagreement maybe something sentimental would be just the right thing to give.

Giving gifts are age-old and been around the block a few times.  If you forget a birthday or anniversary and your spouse has the love language of gifts then you’ve missed a good opportunity to make them feel loved and not neglected by not receiving a gift from you.

Making your spouse feel loved is so important and finding out if this is their love language helps in your communication with your spouse.  You want to make them feel loved.  Find out what their love language is and act on it.

Everyone doesn’t have the same love language and once you find out what makes your spouse feel loved you can keep them happy with the things you do for them.

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